From the Desktop: Writing Update 3/20/2017


Hello all! Another week done and we’re nearing the end of March. Time flies for better or for worse.

For a number of reasons, this week was not as productive as last. One scene in particular proved irritatingly stubborn, and another day was largely spent brainstorming and reorganizing. But I managed to finish the week strong with a grand total of 5619 words. Less than last week, but still respectable at my current level, and I came close to last week’s personal best which gives me hope that I can continue to increase my average.

So I’m going to tentatively raise my weekly goal to 700 words a day/ 4900 total (again largely because of the math. Sadly 7 doesn’t go into 5000 evenly.) We’ll see how that goes.

As always, I hope you have a good week.

Happy reading and happy writing!


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