When Hunting a Witch, Be Careful She is not Hunting You…

Two hundred years have passed since the Witches were driven from Talis. Two hundred years of bitterness and exile, but at last their time has come.

Leonora has been training for this moment all her life, desperate to prove herself worthy. Magic and vengeance flow through her veins, but when her cabin is ransacked and she finds signs of sorcery, Leonora quickly realizes that someone onboard is not what they seem.

There’s the old riverboat captain who watches her, full of unasked questions, the gnome whose bitterness matches her own, and the unrepentant conman who follows her everywhere with greed in his eyes.

One of them knows her secret. One of them is hunting her. But when you hunt a witch, it is far more likely that she is hunting you.

Into the Heart of Talis is a 20,000-word novella that takes place directly before Irons in the Fire.

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This was a really great opening to the series, the pacing was really good the characters were really likable and I can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

Amazon Review

If adventure, the kind of excitement and anticipation that makes you hold your breath for a second; then this is the book for you! Very well written. I felt as though I was part of that book; I highly recommend Into The Heart Of Talis.

Reader Review