From the Desktop: Writing Update 3/27/2017


Hello everyone! The last week of March! I hope you end the month on a high note this week.

In writing news it’s finally happened. Since I started logging and posting my weekly goals and totals I have squeaked in a under the wire a few times, but I have never actually failed before. Until now.

I raised my weekly goal this past week to 700 words a day/ 4900 total which was ambitious but doable given my recent burst of productivity. This week, however, I managed a respectable 4322 words which was closer than I expected but still a couple hundred words short.

I am going to tentatively keep my goal at 700 words a day/ 4900 total this week and see how it goes. I came a lot closer than I expected before I did the math so digits crossed.

As always, I hope you have a good week.

Happy reading and happy writing!

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