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A City Rife with Corruption and Magic. A Duke Beset by Enemies on All Sides.

The City of Talis is a fragile beacon of civilization on the edge of the Faerie Lands. Beyond lies a wilder world of dark enchantments and terrible wonders, but behind the city walls humans and faeries live together in uneasy peace–until an explosion rocks the city and long-smoldering tensions threaten to ignite.

As the Commandant of Police, Baron Hessing has maintained stability for decades. But with a murderer on the loose, an anarchist bombing the city, and rumors of a faërie uprising, he is starting to lose control. Hessing finds himself caught in a web of interlocking conspiracies and he may need to choose between saving his city and saving his family.

Into this maelstrom appears the Countess. Trained from birth for a single purpose–vengeance–suddenly she appears everywhere from secret catacombs to the halls of power. Beset by enemies on all sides, it will take all her training to succeed in a city on the brink of revolution. Plans are in motion, centuries in the making, that will change the fate of Talis forever.


“Politics dominates the multifaceted and character-driven story line, along with murders, magic and suspense…I’m thoroughly invested in the political chess game and intriguing schemes. I absolutely look forward to Book 2.”

Reader’s Favorite Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“An unashamed fantasy it has faeries and goblins, witches and imps…and the political intrigue of any court or historical drama.”

Amazon Reviewer