Flash Fiction Friday: Full Fathom Grave

They lowered him to the ocean floor slowly and with great deliberation. The rope twisted and swayed in the cold and the current, but held firm. Down, down, down the man fell, encased in iron and brass. He couldn't hear anything but the silence raging in his ears, or see anything but the fog of... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: The Hospital of the Dolls

No one ever went into the doll's hospital. It had been there for years, perched grotesquely on Main Street between the post office and the ice cream shop. Children hurried past, casting grim, curious glances at the dismembered doll heads and little bodies, the same morbid collection as ever. One of them even seemed to... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: The Bone Collector

The girl wakes every morning long before the sun rises. She is eleven years old, or perhaps twelve. Birthdays are for other people. People with parents and sisters and brothers. She sees them sometimes on the edges, walking hand-in-hand, laughing or talking or crying. The girl never laughs, and she never speaks unless to whisper... Continue Reading →

Pivot by L.C. Barlow

L.C. Barlow's Pivot is a surprisingly thoughtful and emotionally rich horror novel. As a child, Jack Harper was taken by Cyrus, a mysterious man with great powers and the ability to bring back the dead. Jack is indoctrinated into his cult, granted powers of his own and taught to kill. A murderer, thief, and addict,... Continue Reading →

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