Flash Fiction Friday: The Dream of Flight

  The young man danced atop the rusted, wingless husk to a song of his own making accompanied only by the beatings of his heart. His feet clanged and clattered against the metal, the roof and frame creaking our a warning beneath his weight. But he was high above and far away lost in dreams... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: Mrs. Inglethorpe’s Birds

  The birds were all neatly arranged, catalogued, and positioned not according to species, size, or beak but in a system all of her own. Mrs. Inglethorpe was a very exacting woman with a very precise set of standards, ones she was reluctant to share but expected everyone to understand intuitively. The birds were not... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: The Great Fire

The old man watched as the house burned. The fire spread from room to room in a crackling orgy of smoke and flames. The smell. The noise. The heat. There was a strange beauty to it—a fatal, blackening dance that consumed everything in its path. The old man was not sure how long he stood there... Continue Reading →

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