The Spirit and the Skull by J. M. Hayes

The Spirit and the Skull is a Paleolithic murder mystery that unfolds into something deeper and wider. Raven is the aging Spirit Man of a tribe that calls themselves the People. They are on a journey to find better, warmer lands, being guided by the spirit of the Earth Mother. Raven is a pragmatist. He's... Continue Reading →

The Buried Life by Carrie Patel

  Carrie Patel's first novel, The Buried Life, is a dystopian mystery set in the underground city of Recoletta. Centuries before a disaster known only as the Catastrophe forced humanity to abandon the surface and build underground city-states. There they built a pseudo Victorian society based on order and class. Literature and art are freely... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Séance by John Harwood

John Harwood's The Seance is an elegant and faithful recreation of a good old fashioned gothic ghost story full of spiritualists, occult detectives, family secrets, madness, and mesmerism. Harwood has distilled the essence of 19th century gothic literature and its concerns and fears into a single atmospheric novel.   The Séance follows a young woman,... Continue Reading →

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