From the Desktop: Writing Update 3/27/2017

Hello everyone! The last week of March! I hope you end the month on a high note this week. In writing news it's finally happened. Since I started logging and posting my weekly goals and totals I have squeaked in a under the wire a few times, but I have never actually failed before. Until... Continue Reading →

From the Desktop: Writing Update 3/20/2017

Hello all! Another week done and we're nearing the end of March. Time flies for better or for worse. For a number of reasons, this week was not as productive as last. One scene in particular proved irritatingly stubborn, and another day was largely spent brainstorming and reorganizing. But I managed to finish the week... Continue Reading →

From the Desktop: Writing Update 3/6/2017

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good week! And I hope it was warmer than mine. Seasonably appropriate temperatures feel colder when the rest of the winter is unusually warm. Global warming! This week, despite one day where I barely managed 100 words, I wrote a grand total of 5714 words. Which is the most I've managed... Continue Reading →

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