Flash Fiction Friday: Concerning Gout of the Butterfly & Other Miscellaneous Maladies

II. …Monarch butterflies can, actually, suffer from gout. This is a scientifically proven fact, attested to by numerous highly regarded if more than usually eccentric scientists[1]. The first to successfully confront the pressing question of gout in butterflies was a German medical student, Hieronymus Hegelbert, in 17th Century Hamburg. Young Mr. Hegelbert was a promising... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: Concerning Cancer of the Shark & Other Miscellaneous Maladies

I. Sharks can, in fact, suffer from cancer. This fact is of some importance considering that a large number of people have, apparently, come under the impression that sharks cannot get cancer. The impression that sharks do not get cancer came, oddly enough, from a book entitled “Sharks Don’t Get Cancer,” which would seem to... Continue Reading →

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