Flash Fiction Friday: An Apocalypse of Alpacas

Where were you when the apocalypse came? When the alpacas descended in their thousands and lay claim to our cities, our homes, and our fields? Do you even remember the time before? My brother is too young. George was only three when our alpacan overlords arrived. He has known no other world but the mist... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: The Telephone and It’s Dog

"Operator," the dog barked. "I would like to make a long distance phone call." He was becoming quite indignant. The stupid human on the other end was being surprisingly unhelpful. Clearly, he had never been properly trained. Man might be a dog's best friend, but he was a stupid animal, barely able to function without canine... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: Concerning Gout of the Butterfly & Other Miscellaneous Maladies

II. …Monarch butterflies can, actually, suffer from gout. This is a scientifically proven fact, attested to by numerous highly regarded if more than usually eccentric scientists[1]. The first to successfully confront the pressing question of gout in butterflies was a German medical student, Hieronymus Hegelbert, in 17th Century Hamburg. Young Mr. Hegelbert was a promising... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: The Man of Spoons

It was three days before Curtis met the man of spoons, or as Curtis (and billions of other people) called it—today. This particular today was distinguished from all preceding ‘todays’ because it was not yet yesterday. It was, however, precisely three days, twelve hours and nineteen minutes before the encounter with the man of spoons.... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: A Boating Accident

It was a pleasant day on the River Styx, when Beelzebub, Prince of Hell, accidently rammed his motorboat into a luxurious yacht belonging to Belphegor, also a Prince of Hell. He was understandably disgruntled. Charon was more than disgruntled. The Styx had always been his domain. Now the denizens of Hell were joyriding; the Transportation... Continue Reading →

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