New Short Story “The Painletter” is Now Available

  The Painletter is a short, psychological horror story about illness, pain, and Lovecraftian horrors. It is currently available for $0.99 at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Here is the Blurb and a Brief Excerpt: Arthur Bettleheim is a man in pain.  Every moment is spent in unending, inexplicable agony. Every limb aches. Every nerve is on... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: Ghosts in the Machine

"I don't believe in ghosts," said the robot. It was an old Mark VII Server Droid, remarkably well preserved but starting to glitch. The reporter nodded sympathetically. Nobody believed in phantoms these days, certainly not robots of such obvious wisdom and experience. Nonetheless, a spectral figure had been seen floating through the walls of the... Continue Reading →

After Me Comes the Flood by Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry's The After Me Comes the Flood is a lyrical dreamlike debut. An exercise in atmosphere and misdirection, it is short on incident yet mesmerizingly compelling. Nothing is ever quite as it seems and a sense of the uncanny hovers over events without ever becoming concrete. That is the source of the novel's greatest... Continue Reading →

The Glittering World by Robert Levy

Robert Levy's The Glittering World is a dark, fantastical story set in a remote Canadian town. Michael “Blue” Whitley is a young chef trying to keep his restaurant afloat. Having fallen afoul of a loan shark, Blue and his friends travel to Starling Cove to sell his Grandmother's house as quickly as possible. It's supposed... Continue Reading →

Rooms by Lauren Oliver

  Lauren Oliver's Rooms is an intriguing chamber piece. It has all the successful ingredients for a proper ghost story—an isolated setting, a small cast of characters, family secrets, and even an inventive conception of ghosts. Set in an old, ramshackle house following the death of the owner, Richard Walker, the novel follows five central... Continue Reading →

A Sudden Light by Garth Stein

Garth Stein's A Sudden Light is a multigenerational family saga, a ghost story, a historical novel, and ultimately the story of one boy's attempt to fix his parents' marriage. Fourteen-year-old Trevor Riddell's parents are separating and he finds himself with his father, returning to the family mansion outside Seattle. The name Riddell used to mean... Continue Reading →

The Monster’s Wife by Kate Horsley

Set on a tiny island in the Scottish Orkneys, Kate Horsley's The Monster's Wife is a brooding and atmospheric sequel to Frankenstein, told from the perspective of the future bride of Frankenstein. Calling this novel either a sequel or a reimagining does Horsley a disservice. This is very much a gothic creation with its own... Continue Reading →

The Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero

The Supernatural Enhancements is a ghost story, a paranormal mystery, and a treasure hunt. Cantero weaves his narrative out of journal entries, letters, notes, video footage, audio recordings, psychiatrist reports, and excerpts from books on ghosts and cryptology. This style is not for everyone, and can be initially distracting, but Cantero makes good use of... Continue Reading →

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