Flash Fiction Friday: The Hospital of the Dolls

No one ever went into the doll's hospital. It had been there for years, perched grotesquely on Main Street between the post office and the ice cream shop. Children hurried past, casting grim, curious glances at the dismembered doll heads and little bodies, the same morbid collection as ever. One of them even seemed to... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: The Orphanage

No one goes to the orphanage any more, not for years and years. Surrounded by mountains and fields, hours away from any city or town, it had always been a lonely place, even long ago, when all the beds were filled with the lost and the forgotten. There was only one road up to its... Continue Reading →

Walking the Labyrinth by Lisa Goldstein

Lisa Goldstein's Walking the Labyrinth is an atmospheric fantasy that incorporates a wide-array of influences from vaudeville to spiritualism and secret societies to classical mythology and witchcraft. Molly Travers is one of the last living descendants of the Allalie family, once an infamous group of vaudeville magicians. Her life changes when she's approached by John... Continue Reading →

We Will All Go Down Together by Gemma Files

  Gemma Files' We Will All Go Down Together is a sprawling, multi-generational epic, stretching from Scottish Witch Trials, to modern day Toronto. It follows the rising and falling fortunes and deadly feuds among the Five-Family Coven—the Glouwers, Rusks, Devizes, Druirs, and Rokes. The novel is composed of 10 interconnected short stories some of which... Continue Reading →

The Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero

The Supernatural Enhancements is a ghost story, a paranormal mystery, and a treasure hunt. Cantero weaves his narrative out of journal entries, letters, notes, video footage, audio recordings, psychiatrist reports, and excerpts from books on ghosts and cryptology. This style is not for everyone, and can be initially distracting, but Cantero makes good use of... Continue Reading →

Florence and Giles by John Harding

Florence and Giles is a gothic, New England ghost story steeped in atmosphere and buried secrets. Florence is a 12 year-old orphan who lives under the tyrannical rule of her uncle, with only her brother Giles and the servants for company. Forbidden to learn how to read, Florence spends her days and nights in the... Continue Reading →

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