Flash Fiction Friday: The Stargazer

He had always loved the stars, ever since he was a little boy. When he was four years old, his father had bought him a telescope kit and brought him out to a field. They were miles away from home, far from any road, only he and his father. And the stars. There were hundreds... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: Full Fathom Grave

They lowered him to the ocean floor slowly and with great deliberation. The rope twisted and swayed in the cold and the current, but held firm. Down, down, down the man fell, encased in iron and brass. He couldn't hear anything but the silence raging in his ears, or see anything but the fog of... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: The Great Fire

The old man watched as the house burned. The fire spread from room to room in a crackling orgy of smoke and flames. The smell. The noise. The heat. There was a strange beauty to it—a fatal, blackening dance that consumed everything in its path. The old man was not sure how long he stood there... Continue Reading →

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