Flash Fiction Friday: The Case of the People vs. Pandora

I. Long, long ago in the first years of the Thirty-First Century, the great, the good, the wicked, and the terrible, all gathered from across the Seven Galaxies for the Trial. They came in their rockets and solar sails, their hyperdrives and trans-dimensional cannons, their teleporters and astral projectors. The Judicial Station show court could... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: Concerning the Proper Uses of Cyanide

I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples, bananas, and cyanide. Cyanide is crucial to the success of any proper picnic, or so my mother used to say before the men in white coats took her away to Happy Town. A little pinch of cyanide can go a long way. I learned this for... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: Secrets and Smiles

Dorothy was perched atop the veranda, her legs dangling aimlessly. The party was starting to wind down after an afternoon of cocktails and gossip. Twilight was approaching and there was a chilly nip in the air. Laughter floated up from the garden below, but Dorothy didn't even turn her head. She knew that particular laugh—her... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: The Man of Spoons

It was three days before Curtis met the man of spoons, or as Curtis (and billions of other people) called it—today. This particular today was distinguished from all preceding ‘todays’ because it was not yet yesterday. It was, however, precisely three days, twelve hours and nineteen minutes before the encounter with the man of spoons.... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: Shipwrecked

  The man and his boy made their home beneath the wreckage. A meteoroid storm had forced them to make a crash landing and it had taken them a month to salvage the debris, and another month to finally accept that no help was coming. They had strayed too far from the spacelanes. The man... Continue Reading →

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