Flash Fiction Friday: The Pickpocket Queen of San Francisco

San Francisco 1900. It had been five hours since Big Tilda had been arrested, and she was very upset. The police had locked her in an interrogation room without any respect for her status or so much as a by-your-leave and had promptly forgotten her. It was downright disrespectful. Insulting even. She was the Pickpocket Queen... Continue Reading →

Cannonbridge by Jonathan Barnes

Jonathan Barnes' Cannonbridge promises to be a fantastical journey through an alternate 19th Century, where a Matthew Cannonbridge is the greatest English literary figure of the age. He's been everywhere, written everything. He was there when Mary Shelley first dreamed of Frankenstein. He encouraged a young Charles Dickens, visited Oscar Wilde in prison, and went... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Séance by John Harwood

John Harwood's The Seance is an elegant and faithful recreation of a good old fashioned gothic ghost story full of spiritualists, occult detectives, family secrets, madness, and mesmerism. Harwood has distilled the essence of 19th century gothic literature and its concerns and fears into a single atmospheric novel.   The Séance follows a young woman,... Continue Reading →

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