From the Desktop: Writing Update 10/3/2016


It’s October! When did that happen? (Well, technically on Saturday, but that’s not the point.) So I’m actually away at the moment, in a far away land where there is no internet. In fact, I’ve been away the past few days, which means I’m writing this in advance on Friday and my totals won’t take into account Saturday and Sunday. It also means I’m not sure how much writing I’ll get done these next few weeks. C’est la vie!

In any case, so far this week I’ve managed to write 5176 words (slightly more in fact because of editing and cutting. As always rewriting skews the numbers.) but far more importantly I’ve finished 3 and a half edited/rewritten chapters and am done with rewriting. From here on out (at least until the next draft) it’s all straightforward drafting!

This week (10/3-10/9) I’m going to keep what’s becoming my standard goal of 500 words a day/ 3500 total. I’ve been averaging more than that but I’m not expecting this week to be quite so productive with travel time and visiting. Starting next week I may begin setting myself more ambitious goals, but for now, I hope you have a good week.

Happy reading and happy writing!


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