From the Desktop: Writing Update 9/26/2016



Greetings! As always I hope you’ve had a good week. Mine as it turns out was happily, if unexpectedly, productive. One thing I’m starting to notice is that I set these goals for myself, but then during the week I get lost in the trenches day by day and forget what goals I actually set. Which could be good or bad. Not sure myself.

Anyway! I managed 5380 words this past week, almost 2000 words more than my goal, which makes me feel good, especially since I probably cut about 1000 words as well, meaning my actual word count was a little higher.  As always the number of completed edited/rewritten chapters is slightly more important, and I managed to complete 4 and a half last week meaning that I’m almost done with the rewriting/editing and will be able to get back to uninterrupted drafting. All in all a pretty good week.

This week (9/26-10/2) I’m going to keep last week’s goals of 500 words a day/ 3500 total and 4 edited/rewritten chapters. I did better this week, but that was largely because I managed 1600 words on Saturday. At my absolute height a few years ago I was able to do 2000-3500 a day, but I need to get back into the flow before I can assume that level of productivity.

The idea was to hold myself accountable and build myself back up one week at a time, and so far at least it seems to be working. Digits crossed…

Have a good week. Happy reading and happy writing!


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