From the Desktop:Writing Update 9/19/2016


Hello all! I hope you’re well.

Progress this week was a bit like running on a treadmill. Did a lot of writing, and nipping and tucking, and a little restructuring. The end result is better and stronger than it was before, but it’s also more or less exactly where I was a week ago. I managed to finish my goal of 3 edited/rewritten chapters, although two of them are ones I had already done last week. Rewriting the rewriting! One step forward, two steps back. Well, half a step back anyway.

My word count was actually fairly strong. I did manage 3600 words although in the process of editing I also managed to cut around 1500. Which confuses things slightly.

This week (9/19-9/26) I’m going to maintain last week’s goals of 500 words a day/ 3500 total and 3 edited/rewritten chapters, since despite feeling unproductive and circling back on myself, I did actually come much closer to my goals than I thought. Hopefully this week will be better.

Have a good week. Happy reading and happy writing!


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