From the Desktop:Writing Update 9/12/2016

Goals and deadlines. Writing on the clock. (Not literally.)

Hello all! I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was filled with writing and relaxation (and thai food). This has been a long week both at work and at home but I did manage to get some writing done every day. As expected I did not quite manage to reach my perhaps overly ambitious goals.

The week started off well, with an unexpected bout of productivity before trailing off slightly. I set myself the overall goal of 5600 words for the week and managed 3056, which isn’t terrible. Especially since one day was largely spent cutting a 3000+ word scene down to 1800.

More importantly, I intended to edit/ rewriting 5 chapters and managed to finish 4 and a half chapters. Over all it was a reasonably productive week. All things considered.

This week (9/11-9/18) I’m going to lower my my word count goal to 500 words a day/ 3500 total. At this stage the chapter count remains the more important goal and I’m also going to revise that down to 3 edited/rewritten chapters. I have a number of scenes that require more serious rewriting, so it may be slower going. We shall see. I’m still learning how to gage the editing/rewriting process.


I hope you have a good week. Happy reading and happy writing!


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