Walking the Labyrinth by Lisa Goldstein

Lisa Goldstein’s Walking the Labyrinth is an atmospheric fantasy that incorporates a wide-array of influences from vaudeville to spiritualism and secret societies to classical mythology and witchcraft. Molly Travers is one of the last living descendants of the Allalie family, once an infamous group of vaudeville magicians. Her life changes when she’s approached by John Stow, a private investigator, asking questions about her great-aunt and the family history.

Reluctant at first, Molly slowly realizes that everything her great-aunt told her about the family was half-truths and lies. Her search for answers takes her and Stow to London and the remnants of a Victorian secret society—the Order of the Labyrinth—and reveals a dark secret at the heart of her family tree.

Goldstein creates an intriguing world full of weight and history and sets up a number of intriguing mysteries. Apart from the secrets of the Allalie family and the labyrinth, there is the matter of John Stow. He is investigating the family for undisclosed reasons, his client’s identity confidential. Secrets build up, even as they begin to understand the nature of the Order and its relationship to Molly’s family.

As is often the case, at least for me, the mysteries prove more fascinating than the answers. The early parts of the novel were fascinating page-turners, hinting at the depths of magic and wonder to come. It slowed down slightly, once those answers started to appear, but remained engrossing.

Walking the Labyrinth is an intriguing mystery with ties to vaudeville and Victoriana. Lisa Goldstein crafts a determined heroine a labyrinth worthy of the name.


Walking the Labyrinth can be found here on Amazon

Received a Copy From NetGalley For Review


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