Werewoman by Piers Anthony

Piers Anthony’s WereWoman is a tongue-in-cheek fantasy noir romp, filled with Witches, Demons, Weres, Ghosts and Zombies. Anthony has a light comic touch and a strong command of the genres and world he has created.

Philomen is a PI—newly licensed and fresh out of school. He is also a shape changing Were with an unusual power. When a Witch walks into his office and asks him to investigate her cousin’s death, Phil finds himself drawn into a complex case with ties to all the clans. Someone is killing Supernatural creatures or “Supes” throughout the city, and despite his protestations, everyone seems to be looking to him to solve it.

Phil and his ‘partner’ Mena make for an interesting pair. The concept is amusingly offbeat but only briefly explored. Indeed, for a relatively short novel, a great deal happens and a lot of characters are introduced, if only briefly. Phil and his best friend’s fiancé, Syd, serve as the main investigators, and while Syd plays an important role in the beginning and at the climax, she disappears somewhat in the middle. Likewise the femme fatale Witch is a strong presence at the start, but slowly fades away.

WereWoman is a series of wildly imaginative, often very amusing vignettes loosely connected by the murder mysteries. As an entertaining and original introduction to a world, it is delightful. The mystery, itself, was less of a focus than expected.


WereWoman can be found here on Amazon.

Received Copy from NetGalley for Review




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