The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy by Jacopo della Quercia


The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy: A Novel is a globetrotting, historical, steampunk extravaganza that transverses continents and straddles two centuries. Jacopo della Quercia has constructed a good old-fashioned adventure story out of detailed historical research complete with footnotes and a giddy sense of fun.

President William Howard Taft and Robert Todd Lincoln find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy stretching back to the Lincoln Assassination. In the process they travel the world in an airship, dodge automaton assassins, encounter a number of historical figures, engage in several firefights, and storm a particularly famous vessel.

Della Quercia clearly loves these historical figures, some famous others more obscure, but all real. He builds a story that wouldn’t be out of place in a pulp serial out the minutia and historical facts of their lives. President Taft’s wife and Co-president, Nellie, in particular is a revelation.

The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy: A Novel is a secret history of the early 20th Century that manages to fit a possible alien invasion, a global conspiracy, airships, and a number of midnight raids into the cracks of recorded history. A highly enjoyable and often whimsical romp through history.

**Received copy from NetGalley for Review


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