Book Review: White Rabbit by K.A. Laity


K.A. Laity’s White Rabbit is tightly written fantasy noir. James Draygo is a disgraced former detective who makes a living as a genuine psychic masquerading as a fake. When a wealthy media mogul’s wife is murdered in his office and he’s left literally holding the gun, Draygo finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy involving cults, drugs, ghosts, and the titular white rabbit.

Laity stays close to the novel’s noir roots. Draygo is a more or less note perfect execution of a private eye complete with a drinking habit, tragic backstory, reluctant heroism, and a deeply buried heart of gold. The mystery plot has a few minor twists and turns but it doesn’t concentrate on the murder mystery aspects. It is the exact nature of the supernatural threat that is slowly uncovered and Laity does an excellent job of slowly unfolding the information. Draygo’s relationship with a reporter, Helen Saunders, likewise remains well within the noir playbook but is suitably engaging. There is a great sense of fun with this book that never descends into satire.

White Rabbit is fast paced, pitch perfect noir with a well-developed fantasy world and tight characterization. Highly enjoyable.

**Received copy from NetGalley for review


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