Book Review: Dag by Nicholas Wilson



Nicholas Wilson’s Dag follows Dagney Morgan of the Department of Agriculture as she unravels a vegetable conspiracy that stretches from big business to the government. This is a fast-paced thriller that is not afraid to take a number of turns towards the outright absurd.


The novel opens with the discovery of a vegetable-hybrid sex doll and only gets more bizarre. There are corn-human babies, genetic engineering and all manner of mad science hijinks. Wilson’s dialogue is witty and fits the light tone of the novel. The characters are moderately developed. Some effort was made with Dagney, but her relationships seem to occur more for the sake of plot than character.


Dag is a novel of big brash ideas and imagery. It is fast paced and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, and it isn’t trying for anything more. Taken on its own terms it’s a quick fun read, but light and lacking in substance.


**Received copy from NetGalley for review



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