Book Review: The Children Who Time Lost by Marvin Amazon



Marvin Amazon’s The Children Who Time Lost attempts to combine a number of sci-fi concepts and plots into a coherent whole. In the future the human race has become mysteriously infertile and in response the world governments have instituted a lotto where the chosen few are permitted to time travel and return with children from the future. The novel follows Rachel Harris, the last known woman to give birth. After her daughter died she enters the lottery and discovers the terrible secret at the heart of her world.


None of these are particularly revolutionary concepts, nor for that matter is the ultimate revelation, but Amazon makes an effort to combine them in new ways. The result, unfortunately, is incoherent and meandering. The characters were inconsistant and unsympathetic and the plot was full of holes and degenerated from its broad premise into a fairly standard sci-fi runaround. Sadly disappointing.


**Received copy from NetGalley for review


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