Book Review: Eye of the Storm by Aimee Kuzenski


Aimee Kuzenski’s Eye of the Storm is the first in her Urban Fantasy series Deus Ex Familia following the adventures of Alexander Sekhmet—an Old God, War to be precise, as he attempts to discover which of his fellow gods is attempting to attack him. Along the way he possesses a West Point lieutenant, Camilla Sykes, absorbing her personality, memories, and soul, using her as new pair of eyes for a very old problem.

The concept of the Old Gods of many religions walking among us has become almost a subgenre of its own and Kuzenski’s contribution doesn’t add anything particularly new to the idea, but clearly enjoying playing around with the Pantheons and putting a slight spin on it. The most enjoyable part of the book is the relationship between Alexander and the reluctant Camilla. While sharing the same body, they engage in a battle of wills and traded barbs that is delightful to behold.

Alexander is an old soul with a terrible temper but a deeply buried conscience and sense of duty. Camilla is a soldier with a chip on her shoulder and a will to survive. The remaining cast of gods and humans is thinly characterized. Likewise the plot is fairly straightforward and the climax is slightly rushed but Eye of the Storm is a quick, fun read. A series lives or dies by its main characters and in Alexander and Camilla, Kuzenski has created a duo I look forward to spending more time with.


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